design: Civic Edge Consulting collateral

Civic Edge Consulting internal and client collateral

As a freelance visual designer, I contribute regularly to projects for Civic Edge Consulting’s clients. This ranges from designing microsites to boost social media presence for events, to creating digital and print collateral that engages public feedback about current city projects or strategies for San Francisco’s future. Often, this work is done in collaboration with client design teams or other digital agencies, including lowercase productions in San Francisco. I work with a range of platforms, from PowerPoint to Illustrator, to deliver on-brand, flexible documents that meet all client requirements, big or small. Additionally, I develop internal collateral and templates to support the Civic Edge team with proposals, marketing materials, and promotional items.

Project management by the Civic Edge Team, including Amber Shipley, Alia Al-Sharif, Paisley Strellis, Annie Dulka, Peter Lauterborn, Zoe Harris, and Kate Fratar
Graphic design done with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite.
Sa Francisco CA, 2018-19

San Francisco Department of Building Inspection (DBI): Tall Building Safety Strategy PDF

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC): MTC Horizon Transform-the-Future Strategy Booklet PDF